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Audit - Certification



The accredited inspection body WPK AUSTRIA carries out the following inspections of ropeway installations and ropeway components:

  • Periodic inspections of ropeways and drag lifts according to SeilbÜV 2013 (every 5 years) and EN 1709 (annually)

  • Additional inspections according to SeilbÜV 2013 or special inspections acc. to EN 1709

    • Brakes, bullwheels, roller batteries, grips, drives, suspensions, vehicles etc., including the required non-destructive tests (VT, MT, UT, PT, RT)

    • ÖVE system inspection according to ÖVE/ÖNORM E 8001

  • Recurring fire protection inspection according to §51 SeilbG 2003

  • Recurring test (revision) of fire alarm systems according to TRVB 123 S

  • Periodic inspection of work equipment (gates, doors, hoists, cranes, PPE etc.)

  • Inspection of material ropeways according to SeilbÜV 2013 or Gewerbeordnung §82b or §8 AM-VO

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